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Professor Emerita Ginny Chandler Speaks About Resilience in "Dignity and Respect in Action" Podcast

Sep 30, 2021
Ginny Chandler

Professor Emerita Dr. Genevieve "Ginny" Chandler is interviewed by Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Nefertiti Walker in a recent episode of the "UMass Dignity and Respect in Action" podcast.

Chandler is an expert on resilience, which she defines as recovering from stress by using your inherent attributes, calling on connections and accessing resources to not only survive but thrive.” She describes, “Resilience comes from your internal and external resources. It is not a do-it-yourself endeavor.”  In the podcast, she discusses her research and work with UMass students, athletes, staff and the community to build their resilience to be empowered in their personal and academic lives.

From her research Chandler describes "The ABCs of Resilience" as: 

  • Active Coping:  How have you coped before? What new tools can you add?
  • Building Strength: Start by focusing  on your strengths, what you do well rather than what you can‘t do or what you need to improve.
  • Cultivate connections to access your social support and needed resources  

Drs. Walker and Chandler spoke about the importance of having discussions about resilience right now because of the trauma and stress we have experienced and are continuing to experience, both as individuals and as a community, due to the pandemic.  

Listen to the podcast here