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Nursing Alumni Cheers to Best Practices at Night Shift Brewing

Jun 14, 2019
night shift event

If sharing is caring, then the College of Nursing was fortunate to have a landmark event recently at Night Shift Brewing in Everett, MA. There is so much to learn as a professional nurse, and there are so many possibilities for professional growth and fulfillment. We were fortunate to welcome a gathering of UMass Nursing alumni, ranging from leaders in the field to those just beginning their careers, who came together for a special evening of networking.

Event participants enjoyed an hour of casual networking along with some of New England’s most delicious craft beer, and then got together for a unique style of networking. Similar to speed dating, we had a round robin style discussion where nurses with all sorts of experience levels could delve into some of the most important issues and topics in the field of nursing. Some of the questions discussed included:

  • How to be mindful of burnout and what self-care is needed?
  • What advice do you wish you could have told your younger self?
  • What are good things to look for in a professional mentor?
  • What are the best nursing specialties for different personality types?
  • What are 3 do’s and 2 don’ts in an interview?
  • What is a recent impact in nursing technology that’s important to know about?

The discussions were riveting and the forum allowed for the alumni to really have a chance to get to know one another. We are thankful for everyone who came out to this event. Special thanks to our nursing leaders Mary Lussier Cushing ’76, Barbara McLaughlin ’76, Debra Wojnarowski ’76, Kate Traynor ’79, Caren Harris ’84, Kaye Bemis ’01, Joanna Krawiecki ’06, and Molly Connolly ’09 who facilitated this event, and thank you to Jen Haley ’14 for her valuable time and energy helping us plan the event and spreading the word.

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