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Memnun Seven Shares Flexible Course Design Approaches in Center for Teaching and Learning Article

May 10, 2021

College of Nursing Assistant Professor Memnun Seven is highlighted in the current issue of the Center for Teaching and Learning newsletter. 

Claire Hamilton, Associate Provost and Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning, wrote, "I appreciated the time [Dr. Seven] took to work with us on this and really most importantly the dedication she has shown to her students. I had a chance to speak with her earlier this semester about her course as part of the individual support we offered to the hybrid instructors and I was so impressed by her approaches that I had asked her later if she would participate in our Faculty Success highlights. She shared many innovative and creative ideas which I think will be of interest to other faculty as well."

In the newsletter, Dr. Seven describes how her approach to planning, designing and teaching a 66-student course -- one of the few taught in person this semester -- in Spring 2021 allowed her to implement flexible learning opportunities for students. 

Read the full article here.



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