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Cross-Disciplinary Team Receives Grant to Support Immediate Mass Production of Face Shields

Apr 2, 2020
UMass Face Shield Example

College of Nursing researchers were among more than eighty people comprising a cross-disciplinary team of UMass Amherst researchers and clinicians in the region who are working to address the urgent global shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The team has been awarded a $33,800 SEED grant to enable the rapid production of face shields, a key piece of personal protection equipment, to improve the safety and health of those working on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic and for use in the community during this public health emergency. The face shields will be fabricated using die cutting or laser cutter from thin PET film. The shield uses a curved fold to contour to the forehead and angle the shield to allow for glasses/googles and the nose. The head strap is part of the shield and uses a barbed arrow locking mechanism to secure around the wearer's head.

The grant, entitled “UMASS Face Shield for Mass Production”, is led by Dr. Frank Sup & Dr. Meghan Huber (Mechanical Engineering), Peter Reinhart (Director, Institute for Advanced Life Sciences [IALS]), and Dr. Rachel Walker (College of Nursing). The team includes Springfield Center Nursing Simulation Lab Coordinator Bret Guidi and Nursing PhD candidate Cynthia Peterson. Named Contributors on the grant include College of Nursing professor Dr. Beth Henneman and PhD candidate Ellen Smithline (who has been central & critical to this work).

SEED fund grants are awarded to faculty groups, pre-startup companies, and individuals affiliated with UMass Amherst to support ongoing development of discoveries, new knowledge, and inventions originating from UMass Amherst research successes.

These funds are expected to support immediate generation of at least 100,000 face shields for health workers and community partners in need of PPE. 

Information about the UMass face shield can be found here

Click here to read more about this project on the UMass Amherst News Office website. 



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