Fall Seminar Series: Dr. Trisha Andrew

Tuesday, September 18, 2018 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm
Skinner Hall 101

Dr Trisha Andrew, Associate Professor in Chemistry, will deliver the second talk in the College's 2018 Fall Seminar Series, titled "Garment-Integrated Technologies Created Using Reactive Vapor Deposition." Off-the-shelf garments, textiles and threads/yarns, can be nondestructively transformed into electronic circuit components using reactive vapor deposition. Selected technologies created using vapor-coated fibers and textiles will be described, including:  (1) smart elbow braces for movement sensing; (2) textile triboelectric generators that convert small body motions into stored energy; (3) thread/yarn supercapacitors that can be sewed or knitted into garments for wearable and portable energy storage; (4) fabric electrodes for bioimpedance spectroscopy; (5) wear-, wash- and ironing-resistant active heating garments; and (6) thermoelectric wristbands that convert stray body heat into stored power.