The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Managing Your Award

Award Administration Meeting

Once you have received notification of an award, please send a copy to Ian Cooke/the Office of Research and expect an invitation to an Award Administration meeting shortly thereafter, which will involve the CON grants and contracts coordinator and a representative from the Business Office. At this meeting, the Award Set-Up process will be discussed (more details on this process can be found here) as will the overall management of the award, with a particular focus on the budget. Below are some of the key topics that will be discussed:

  • Faculty effort form
    • Review and revise your faculty effort form to reflect the effort that you have on the grant. This designates your annual plan for salary compensation and charges
  • Hiring and charging staff to the grant
  • Using and understanding Summit
  • Making purchases and charging non-payroll expenses to the grant
  • Human subjects compensation
  • The rebudgeting process
  • Effort reporting
  • Review timelines for filing and submitting annual and final reports


The Course of the Award

Through the course of the award, it is likely that you have to address the following:

  • Revising the budget
    • Please contact Ian Cooke for assistance with a budget revision
  • Faculty effort form
    • At least once a year you will need to work with the Office of Research to review and revise your faculty effort form
  • Effort reporting
    • Each year, between September and mid-October, you will be required to certify your effort and the effort of any staff on your grant. You will recieve an email when the certification system is open. Further information and login details can be found here
  • Submitting reports
    • The majority of annual and final reports must be filed through the campus routing system. The Office of Research will assist you with preparing and submitting your report. Contact Ian Cooke with any questions and expect to hear from him about 90 days prior to the report due date