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College of Nursing Scholarship Application

You must be or plan to be matriculated for academic year 2015-2016 to receive a scholarship. 
Your scholarship will be posted on SPIRE in September 2015 and will be split for fall '15 and spring '16 semesters.
A scholarship reception will be held in March 2015 for 2015-2016 scholarship recipients. All recipients will be expected to attend. Further information will be provided in January regarding this event.
DEADLINE DATE: Friday, November 21, 2014
Any scholarships received after this date WILL NOT be considered.
  • Please check ALL scholarships for which you wish to apply--You will only be allowed to submit this application once 
  • Be sure to attach all attachments that the scholarship you are applying to requires 
  • Please create one .pdf file with all supporting documents for your application
  • Please type essays in directly to the corresponding text box of the scholarship you are applying for (for safety, type in Word and copy and paste in to application)
  • Be sure to carefully read the eligibilty requirements of each scholarship


Email with any questions.