PhD Faculty Advisors

PhD Faculty Advisors

All College of Nursing faculty who hold a PhD or equivalent terminal research degree, maintain active programs of scholarship including recent (within the past 3 years) peer-reviewed data-based publications and/or research grants, and who have graduate faculty status are eligible to serve as Dissertation Chairs and primary advisors for PhD students. Students will be assigned an advisor whose program of research, CV, and strengths or background are congruent with the student’s area of interest, strengths, and career goals. Students are also encouraged to consider other persons within the University community and beyond who may be in a position to support their scholarly growth, physical social spiritual and/or mental well-being, and/or help to hold them accountable for emancipatory and anti-racist nursing praxis.

This program recognizes that a PhD and/or other criteria listed above for Dissertation Committee Chairs is not the end all, be all of what constitutes “expertise” to mentor and guide scholarly development – in fact, far from it. Expertise resides in lived experience, which may have no relationship whatsoever to a particular degree. As such, we recognize that many different types of individuals and communities may serve as vital guides and supports on the path to one’s PhD (and beyond). Further, we encourage students to look outside their particular nursing program track, to engage with persons involved in the community and scholarship of other disciplines as well as other types of nursing practice preparation (DNP, MSN, RN, LPN and CNA), teaching, community organizing and activism, policy, communications, and leadership.

PhD students are encouraged to meet regularly with their advisors to outline their plan of study, discuss academic coursework, prepare for the comprehensive exam and dissertation, and co-create a plan for professional development. If a student wants to change advisors, they are encouraged to meet with the director of the PhD program to facilitate the change.

A list of current PhD advisors is maintained on the program intranet:

PhD Program Office

Dorian Pariseau, Program Specialist
University of Massachusetts Amherst College of Nursing
032 Skinner Hall
Amherst, MA 01003-9304

Sue Cassidy