PhD in Nursing General Information

PhD in Nursing General Information

The PhD program builds on previous nursing education and is designed with both post- baccalaureate (68 credits) and post-master’s degree (59 credits) points of entry. Candidates with a DNP will have an individualized plan of study based on their transcript and experience.

The program consists of courses in nursing knowledge and theory development, nursing research designs and methodologies, grantsmanship and scientific writing, and cognates, a comprehensive examination, and a dissertation.

Following a 3-year community equity-directed co-creative process grounded in design justice, the PhD Program revised its vision, mission, and programmatic objectives. These revisions were approved by the EMCON Faculty Assembly in April 2022. The new curriculum was launched in Fall 2023.

Information, announcements, and other resources relevant to the PhD Progam are maintained on the Nursing PhD Program intranet website:




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