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Requirements for Graduation

PhD in Nursing

All students complete the following curricula requirements: 57 Credits

N700 - History of Nursing Science and Philosophy (3)

N710 - Quantitative Methods in Nursing Research (3)

N720 - State of the Discipline of Nursing (3)

N730 - Qualitative Methods in Nursing Research (3)

N810 - Advanced Nursing Research (3)

N820 - Emerging Nursing Theory (3)

N870 - Role of the Scholar and Leader (3)

Intermediate Statistics (3)

Advanced Methods elective (3)

Advanced Nursing electives* (6)

Cognate electives (6)

Dissertation (18)

Comprehensive Examination

*Students may take these 6 credits as cognates rather than as nursing electives

Post Baccalaureate students complete the following additional 21 credits of coursework:Total Program Credits 78

N603 Theoretical Foundations of Nursing Science (3)

Nursing Electives* (9)

Cognate Electives (6)

Introductory Statistics (3)

*Students may take these 9 credits as cognates rather than as nursing electives.