The University of Massachusetts Amherst
Undergraduate Program

Nursing Major Program of Study

Students must select one or more of the following courses in each semester of the first two years to complete General Education requirements and Nursing prerequisites: 

Gen Ed (HS)

4 cr


Gen Ed (AL/AT)

4 cr


Gen Ed (BS)       

4 cr


Gen Ed (PS)

4 cr


Global and US Diversity (DG/DU)

4 cr

Choose courses with HS or AL/AT

Statistics (R1/R2)

3 cr

Stats 111, Stats 240, ResEcon 211 or 212 fulfill R1 and R2. Statistics is a Nursing prerequisite in your first 2 years. 

All of the following courses and at least 63 credits must be completed by the end of the sophomore year:  

Semester 1 (Freshman Fall) 

Prerequisite to KIN 270 (PS or BS) 4 cr         KIN 100 or 110, BIOL 151, CHEM 110 or 111
Psych 100 (SB) 4 cr   Introductory Psychology
Nurse 150 (RAP/non-RAP) 1 cr Faculty Seminar for First-year Nursing Students 
Engl/WP 112 or EnglWP 112H (CW) 3 cr  College Writing (Writing Program)
Gen Ed or Stats 3-4 cr  

Semester 2 (Freshman Spring)

KIN 270  4 cr         Anatomy & Physiology I w/Lab
Nurse 212 (DU) 4 cr   Cultural Diversity in Health and Illness 
Nutrition 130 (4 cr)  4 cr Human Nutrition 
Nurse 210 3 cr Human Development Throughout the Life Cycle
Gen Ed or Stats 3-4 cr  

Semester 3 (Sophomore Fall)

KIN 272  4 cr       Anatomy & Physiology II w/Lab
Nurse 100 3 cr   Perspectives in Nursing
Nurse 202 4 cr Issues of Aging in a Global Society
2 - Gen Ed, Elective or Stats 6-8 cr  

Semester 4 (Sophomore Spring)

Nurse 333 3 cr   Pathophysiology/Pharmacology I
Nurse 315  3 cr  Health and Physical Assessment
Nurse 216 3 cr Principles of Nursing Care I
Nurse 298C 2 cr Principles of Nursing Care I: Practicum
Gen Ed, Elective, or Stats 6-8 cr  

Program of Study for last two years in Major (complete at least 57 cr in junior and senior year)

Semester 5 (Junior Fall)

Nurse 316 2 cr   Principles of Nursing Care 
Nurse 334 3 cr  Pathophysiology/Pharmacology II
Nurse 317 3 cr Writing in Nursing Ethics (2nd College Writing req)
Nurse 398E 2 cr Principles of Nursing Care: Practicum
Nurse 420  3 cr Introduction to Nursing Research 
Nurse 321 2 cr Preventive Care and Integrative Therapies

Semester 6 or 7 (Junior Spring or Senior Fall)

Nurse 325 2 cr   Maternal-Newborn Nursing 
Nurse 398I 2 cr  Maternal-Newborn Nursing: Practicum
Nurse 326 2 cr Nursing Care of Children
Nurse 398F 2 cr Nursing Care of Children: Practicum
Nurse 327 2 cr Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing
Nurse N398G 2 cr Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing: Practicum

Semester 6 or 7 (Junior Spring or Senior Fall)

Nurse 432 3 cr  Nursing Care of Adults: Acute
Nurse 433 3 cr  Nursing Care of Adults: Chronic
Nurse 498C 3 cr  Nursing Care of Adults: Practicum
Nursing Selective or Gen Ed 2-4   
Nursing Selective or Gen Ed  2-4  

Semester 8 (Senior Spring)

Nurse 438 3 cr Professional Role in Nursing (Integrative Experience - IE)
Nurse 439 3 cr Community Health Nursing 
Nurse 498T 3 cr Community Health Nursing: Practicum
Nurse 498 4 cr Clinical Internship
Nurse 441 1 cr Decision Making Strategies for Professional Nursing Practice
University General Education requirements: 
  • 12 credits is considered full-time; only University (not Nursing) electives and N441 may be taken pass/fail
  • College Writing (CW): 3 credits first 2 yrs (Eng 112); 3 credits junior year (N317)
  • Analytical Reasoning: Basic (R1) (Math); Analytical Reasoning (R2): 3 credits. Statistics is required for Nursing students. 
  • Biological and Physical World: Biological Science (BS) – 4 cr; Physical Science (PS) – 4 cr
  • Social World: Literature or Art (AL/AT) – 4 cr; Historical Studies (HS) – 4 cr; Social and Behavioral Sciences (SB) – 4 cr; Social World (AL, AT, SB, I, or SI) – 4 cr
  • Two Diversity courses:  One must be in freshman year (N212): one DU (United States) course, one DG (Global) course
  • Integrative Experience, upper level/last 2 years (Nurse 438) – 3 cr
All prerequisite and Nursing courses require a grade of “C” or higher.