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Welcome to the Clinical Placements page! We hope you find your clinical experiences as a UMass Amherst Nursing student both enriching and rewarding. This web page provides important information about the clinical placement process for both students and instructors.

Instructions: Preparing for Graduate Clinical Practicum

All students taking a practicum class must read the instructions thoroughly (see the "Preparing for Grad Clinical Practicum" document in the Downloads section below/right). They contain important information and procedures you need to do your practicum.


Below is a simplified list of forms and instructions you need to prepare for your practicums.

Generally CNL, DNP Capstone or PhD students do not need to follow these procedures unless:

1. You have a preceptor who needs to record your hours

2. Your site requires an affiliation agreement

3. Your site needs to verify that you have your health and immunizations 

4. You are taking a clinical practicum course (some CNLs do this).

Affiliation agreements

You must ask your site if they need an affiliation agreement. If the site requires an affiliation agreement,  fill out the Affiliation Agreement Request Form. It will go to AJ Juno.

Student-Preceptor Form

  • Even if you have had the same preceptor in a previous semester, please fill out the form so we can have the preceptor’s signature each semester.
  • You may have more than one preceptor in a semester. For each preceptor you will need to complete a Student-Preceptor Form. 
  • Obtain a CV (resume) from your preceptor and email it to ajuno@nursing, Or, give your preceptor AJ Juno's email so they can send it to AJ directly. 
  • Only you, the student, will be able to complete the fields in DocuSign. The preceptor will not be able to do anything but sign at the bottom. 
  • VERY IMPORTANT—before you enter the form, you need to provide DocuSign the exact name that the preceptor will sign. When the preceptor gets DocuSign, they just click the button and the name is signed with whatever you previously entered on the first page. If this is not how the preceptor wants to sign, or it is misspelled, they might refuse to sign. Ask them beforehand. 
  • Do not misspell the email address or they will never receive it.
  • After you sign, it automatically goes to the preceptor. When they sign, all parties get the completed copy. AJ Juno get copies at each stage.
  • Go to the Quick Links form below/at right to access the student preceptor form. 


Very important: Refer to instructions in the "Preparing for Grad Clinical Placements" document in the Downloads section below. Upload all of the CastleBranch documents needed. The background check is a mandatory one-time separate package code. For CastleBranch questions, contact AJ Juno.  

Approval for some Boston/MA-Area Sites 

Many clinical sites in Massachusetts that are affiliated with larger institutions, such as Boston Children’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital, require us to enter the request into the Centralized Clinical Placement (CCP) database. Please check with your clinical facility and email Dr. Lori Anne Lynewho will enter your data into CCP. Include the course you will be taking, number of hours needed, and unit for which you are requesting placement. You also need to attach a copy of your CV and a cover letter. Most of these sites ask that you do not communicate with the unit managers or nurse educators for approval but instead go through Dr. Lyne, who is ultimately responsible for finalizing placements. 

HIPAA, OSHA, Fire and Safety Training

We need to insure all students have been trained in HIPAA, OSHA, fire and safety, etc through Centralized Clinical Placements (CCP). Instructions are in the Downloads section in the box on the right/below. All you need to do is complete the initial 4 modules. You do not need to complete the additional facility modules unless you are going to a CCP site in Massachusetts that requires you do so, such as Mass General Hospital, Baystate, BWH, etc. 


If you are new to Typhon and do not have a student login, email AJ Juno.

Verification Letters, Good Standing Letters, Credentialing—if needed

It is up to you, the student, to find out what is required by your site and let me know if they need something from me/the college. Email AJ Juno what they need with the contact info for the person who needs to receive this. If they have their own forms, please attach these.

Preceptor Entered Into Typhon

Send AJ Juno a reminder email about a week before you start your clinicals to put your preceptor into Typhon, if they do not already have an account.

FOR PRECEPTORS: If their link in the Typhon login email expires or if they forgot their password, give them these instructions: 

  • Go to this link:
  • Click Preceptor/EASI Login
  • Acct # is: 7313
  • Email address: the one preceptor used originally.
  • Click link: Forgot Password

FOR STUDENTS: If your link in the Typhon login email expires or if you forgot your password: 

If you need help finding a preceptor/site, contact Dr. Lori Anne Lyne