The University of Massachusetts Amherst

College of Nursing Values

Caring and Collaborative Relationships

  • Caring and compassion as the heart of evidence-based nursing practice
  • Collaborating with clients, nurses and interdisciplinary peers to enhance health and healing
  • Attending to the needs and input of vulnerable and underserved populations


  • Reducing health disparities and promoting health in a global society
  • Enhancing the social conscience and professional development of all
  • Environments are systems that interact with nursing practice, culture, and public policy
  • Developing student identity as agents for innovation in the world


  • The reciprocal relationships among teaching, scholarship, and engagement
  • Encouraging integrity and high moral character in all members of the College of Nursing
  • Becoming reflective practitioners to increase the authenticity of our work (Boyer, 1990)


  • Creative ways of acquiring, managing and sharing knowledge


  • Striving to design and provide culturally sensitive nursing care in a global society
  • Promoting diversity in our College and in the profession

Lifelong Learning

  • Arts, humanities, and sciences as a foundation for nursing education
  • Learning as a dynamic, collaborative process that promotes mutual growth of students and teachers