The University of Massachusetts Amherst

2020 Doctor of Nursing Practice Scholarly Projects

Scholar: Adedoyin Adepoju

Project Title: Implementation of Trauma Informed Care in a Primary Care Setting Using the Adverse Childhood Experience as a Screening Tool

Purpose: The Adverse Childhood Experience (ACEs) is a screening tool that can be utlized to survey adult patients for childhood traumas.

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Scholar: Beriline Akwe

Project Title: Serious Mental Illness and the Continuum of Cancer Care

Purpose: To provide community mental health care clinicians with knowledge and skills to effectively function in the key role as care coordinators in the clinical-community relationship in efforts to assist persons with serious mental illness access effective, efficient, safe, timely, equitable and person-centered care across the continuum of cancer care.

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Scholar: Sara Anderson

Project Title: Food Safety and Risk of Foodborne Illness at a Food Center Extension: Toolkit for Front-line Volunteers

Purpose: To educate front-line volunteers at a local food center regarding food safety.

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Scholar: Jessica Bardina and Jean DeMartinis

Project Title: A Resource to Guide Clinicians for Patients with Severe Mental Illness and Anosognosia: Anosognosia Mental Illness Screening and Intervention Strategies (AMISS) Toolkit ©

Purpose: The aim of this Integrative Review (IR) was to garner the best evidence to develop a Toolkit and a presentation to educate clinicians about anosognosia in mental illness, including screening tools for the symptom, and interventions for practice.

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Scholar: Elise Buckley

Project Title: Discharge Education for Pediatric Post-Operative Pain after Spinal Surgery

Purpose: To standardize discharge teaching by developing an educational video for caregivers on how to manage their child's post-operative pain after spinal surgery.

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Scholar: Aimee Bullett-Smith and Jacqueline Krzanik

Project Title: Increasing Sexual Protection Barrier Use in the College Setting Through Offering Free Sexual Protection Barriers

Purpose: This was a program evaluation of the Barrier Express, which offers free and confidential access to sexual protection barriers.

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Scholar: Brittany Canfield

Project Title: Health Literacy Universal Precautions: A Quality Improvement Project to Promote Effective Use of Clear, Plain Language Communication Within Primary Care

Purpose: To implement clear, plain language communications, or health literacy universal precautions, within a primary care office.

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Scholar: Jennifer Caraballo

Project Title: Cultural Communication For New Nurse Residents: K.I.N.D. Communication Toolkit

Purpose: To develop a toolkit for healthcare staff to use as educational material to facilitate for cultural communication and cultural humility.

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Scholar: Samantha Charles

Project Title: A Quality Improvement Project to Reduce Stigma and Increase Awareness of Resources to Decrease Barriers to Accessing Mental Health Care for Nurses

Purpose: To decrease the barriers and stigma related to accessing mental health care among acute care registered nurses.

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Scholar: Tena Chau

Project Title: Improving Cultural Competency among Healthcare Providers Working with Refugee Patients

Purpose: To complete a quality improvement project to evaluate if an educational intervention based on a specific model would lead to increased level of cultural competence among healthcare providers.

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Scholar: Rebecca Chevalier

Project Title: Routine Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention in the College-Aged Population: A Quality Improvement Project for University Health Services Staff

Purpose: To engage University Health Services (UHS) staff to use a routine SBI protocol with the Audit-C on all students that entered UHS and based on risk profile, if necessary, staff performed a brief educational intervention.

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Scholar: Liz Catherine S. Cory

Project Title: Increasing Health Literacy throughg NoteAid Translational Tool in Nursing

Purpose: To educate nurses on the availability of NoteAid as a natural language translation system that can help increase their comprehension of electronic health records through participant evaluation, and how it can improve quality of care in transition of care process.

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Scholar: Rachel Cox

Project Title: Contraceptive Education Module Intervention

Purpose: This intervention sought to increase women's contraceptive knowledge, correct use of their chosen birth control methods, and the number of women using birth control through the evidence-based interactive computer-based education.

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Scholar: Caitlin Crowley

Project Title: An Educational Intervention to Improve Healthcare Provider Confidence and Utilization of the Teach-Back Method When Providing Patient Education on Inhaler Technique

Purpose: To increase healthcare providers' ability and confidence to teach and assess inhaler technique among asthma and COPD patients.

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Scholar: Kathleen Dalton

Project Title: Enhancing Cultural Humility for Sexual and Gender Minorities within an Inpatient Mental Health Hospital: A Quality Improvement Project

Purpose: To enhance cultural humility among healthcare professionals in a mental health hospital to promote inclusivity especially as it pertailns to sexual and gender minorities.

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Scholar: Bonnie Daniels

Project Title: Quantitative Blood Loss Interventions to Improve Assessment of Post-partum Hemorrhage

Purpose: To increase accuracy of blood loss measurements in scheduled cesarean sections to initiate mass transfusion protocols faster and more efficiently.

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Scholar: Iselande Desyr

Project Title: Reducing Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infections through Staff Education and Best Practice Guidelines

Purpose: This quality improvement project focused on reducing Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infections through staff education and current best-practice guidelines.

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Scholar: Heidi Doreau

Project Title: Improving Osteoporosis Screening Rates in a Primary Care Practice

Purpose: To improve bone density screening rates in a primary care practice by inviting patients at greatest risk of osteoporosis to schedule dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry scans without a provider order.

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Scholar: Angelica Ferrazzi

Project Title: In Beers We Trust: Using Deprescribing Tools to Reduce Inappropriate Polypharmacy in Adults > 65

Purpose: To empower clinicians to deprescribe current medications that are inappropriate, as well as reduce the rate of newly prescribed potentially inappropriate medications among patients > 65 in the primary care setting by establishing a multi-modal educational intervention.

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Scholar: Joy Garmaise-Yee

Project Title: Implementation of an Online Mindfulness-Based Intervention for Reducing Stress amongst Undergraduate Nursing Students

Purpose: A pilot educational mindfulness-based intervention was implemented online amongst undergraduate nursing students to decrease stress and increase mindfulness.

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Scholar: Carolynn Hastie

Project Title: Self-Management of Chronic Pain

Purpose: To address this gap in self-management strategies through an evidence-based educational intervention.

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Scholar: Kristen Hickey

Project Title: Educating Health Care Providers on the Benefits of Screening for Adverse Childhood Experiences in Children and Adolescents

Purpose: To provide education to health care providers regarding the impact of adverse childhood experiences on mental health outcomes because health care providers are in an ideal position to screen, detect and intervene for adverse childhood experiences in their patients and to improve their knowledge and skills to implement an adverse childhood experiences screening tool in their practice.

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Scholar: Alina Kendrick

Project Title: Peer Support to Reduce Vicarious Trauma in Mental Health Providers

Purpose: This quality improvement project was implemented with six mental health providers engaged in weekly peer support sessions led by the DNP student over a six week timeframe. Topics discussed included education on vicarious trauma, client case vignettes, and mindfulness around the treatment of vicariou trauma.

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Scholar: Ainat Koren

Project Title: School-based Telemental Health and Family Psychoeducation: A Program Evaluation

Purpose: To evaluate an innovative Telemental Health model offering timely social/behavioral health support for children/families' mental health services in rural Massachusetts.

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Scholar: Patricia Lunardi

Project Title: Improving Insomnia with Digital Cognitive Behavioral Theory in Patients with Diabetes

Purpose: To implement Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia in adult patients with diabetes mellitus and examine whether it alleviated their insomnia symptoms using the Pittsburg Sleep Quality Index tool.

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Scholar: Abdonne Mbouadeu

Project Title: Improving Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention in Community Health Settings: Training and Evaluation

Purpose: To assess the impact of Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention (ASBI) training on nursing staff knowledge, attitude, and confidence and to make ASBI a routine and systematic practice.

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Scholar: Sarah McNulty

Project Title: Considering Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder as a Differential Diagnosis in the Psychiatric Population: An Educational Intervention Project

Purpose: To provide evidenced based education to mental health professionals for the assessment and treatment of PMDD in order to help improve the quality of life for patient’s living with this disorder.

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Scholar: Robin Mills-Humphreys

Project Title: Improving Intimate Partner Violence Screening Practices among Postpartum Nurses

Purpose:  To enhance knowledge of Intimate Partner Violence for postpartum nurses.

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Scholar: Sarah Minton

Project Title: Adolescent Mental Health Training for Middle School Educators

Purpose:  To utilize an evidence-based training, the “Teacher Knowledge Update Guide” from to train middle school educators on the signs and symptoms of mental health conditions in the adolescent population with the intent to increase awareness, knowledge, and confidence level within the educators.

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Scholar: Matthew Moore

Project Title: Epidural Education for Parturients Using a Video Teaching Tool

Purpose: To show evidence of the benefits for the use of an obstetric anesthesia video during the education process and to devise a plan for the implementation of video-assisted education during anesthesia consultation to help improve patient knowledge and satisfaction prior to labor and delivery.

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Scholar: Alexandra Moylan

Project Title: School-Based Suicide Awareness and Prevention Education for Licensed School Personnel

Purpose: To reduce the gap in practice by providing in-person suicide awareness and prevention education to nurses of a western Massachusetts school district

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Scholar: Chigoziri Ojuka

Project Title: Management of Type 2 Diabetes in African Americans: Increasing Knowledge Using a Culturally Tailored Diabetes Education Program

Purpose:  To implement a culturally tailored diabetes education program with the goal of increasing participants’ knowledge and management of their disease.

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Scholar: Alfred Owusu-Ansah

Project Title: Implementation of Pressure Injury Prevention in a Long-Term Care Facility

Purpose: To reduce the pressure injury incidence rate at the project site by 50% within a period of six months.

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Scholar: Ian Penn

Project Title: Evaluation of the Impact of a Nurse Practitioner (NP) Residency Program on a Selected New NP Graduate in an Outpatient Clinic in Massachusetts

Purpose: To evaluate the impact of a newlylaunched primary care nurse practitioner residency program on a selected new NP graduate (hereafter called the ‘resident’) at an independent, outpatient, primary care office.

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Scholar: Iwona Prabucka-davis

Project Title: Heart Failure: Effective Collaboration and Education to Reduce Preventable Hospitalizations

Purpose: To decrease hospital readmissions for HF exacerbations in the primary care setting through improving practitioner and patient adherence to the current HF treatment guidelines.

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Scholar: Erika Ryan

Project Title: A Quality Improvement Project Educating Behavioral Health Clinicians on the Utility of the READMIT Clinical Index to Predict Risk of Psychiatric Re-Hospitalization of Adults

Purpose: To present the current evidence around the READMIT clinical risk index to identify adults who may be at risk for early psychiatric readmission to community based behavioral health clinicians.

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Scholar: Georgianna R. Shea

Project Title: An Evaluation of 'Diabetes Day' Using Implementation Science to Improve Support for Families of Children with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus

Purpose: To evaluate the process of planning, implementation and evaluation of Diabetes Day to improve family participation and attendance.

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Scholar: Matt Thompson

Project Title: Reducing Restraints through Patient Involvement in Care Plans

Purpose:  To promote collaborative care through the attainment of provider knowledge of best practices to prevent and reduce restraint use at three group homes in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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Scholar: Khadijah Tuitt

Project Title:KIND Communication: An Educational Intervention to Raise Nurse Resident's Awareness Towards Decreasing Implicit Bias through Effective Communication Strategies

Purpose: To educate nurse residents on the use of the Kinesics, Inclusive, Non-biased and Deliverable KIND, Communications technique to decrease biases during interactions.

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Scholar: Michelle Viveiros

Project Title: Nurse-delivered Standardized Chemotherapy Education Intervention to Reduce Distress among Older Adults in an Outpatient Setting

Purpose: To explore the effect of a nurse-delivered, enhanced education intervention on distress among older adults receiving chemotherapy in an outpatient setting.

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Scholar: Rachel Weitz

Project Title: Clinical Assessment of Pediatric Bipolar Disorder in the Prepubescent Population

Purpose:  To present the current evidence around the diagnosis of PBD before adolescent onset and to summarize best practice guidelines from an ethical and theoretical perspective (Bronfenbrenner’s Bioecological Theory of Human Development).

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Scholar: Amber Whitehill

Project Title: Educating Nurse Practitioners on the CDC Guidelines for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain in the Practice Setting

Purpose: To increase the awareness, knowledge, and comfort level of nurse practitioners in relation to the CDC Guidelines for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain.

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