Assess Your Snacking Style


Think about your eating habits and patterns; what, when, where and why you eat snacks. For each question, answer "Yes" or "No" to best describe your snacking style.

WHAT foods do you usually eat as snacks or offer to your children?

1. Sweets and desserts like candies, cakes, cookies and pies.
2. Snack foods that are potato chips, corn chips, cheese curls and other "munchies."
3. Soda, wine or beer.

WHEN do you usually eat snacks?

4. While making meals.
5. At coffee break time.
6. Anytime.

WHERE do you usually eat snacks?

7. In front of the television.
8. Wherever I happen to be when I'm "hungry".

Why do you usually snack?

9. Foods look tempting.
10. Everyone else is eating.
11. I'm bored, frustrated, nervous or sad.

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