Winter First-Year Families

First-Year and Stockbridge Parents and Family Orientation

Winter Transfer Families and Friends

If your student is entering UMass in the spring, you are encouraged to participate in our online Parents and Family Orientation.

2020-21 Winter Parent and Family Orientation Dates & Registration

In November, more information will be available for families whose students will start taking classes at UMass in spring 2021.

Schedule of Events 

Online Parents and Family Orientation sessions will likely begin in the morning and conclude in the afternoon. The program typically includes information sessions on a range of topics. Below is a sample of the sessions offered at our past parents and family program.

  • Welcome
  • An Academic Perspective
  • Money Matters
  • Campus Health and Wellness Panel
  • Lunch
  • Living at UMass
  • Working Together for Your Student’s Safety: Creating a Safe and Caring Community