UMass Exemption Exams

Based on your placement exam results, you may be encouraged to take an exemption test in Math and/or Foreign Language. Exemption exams are taken to earn exemption from a requirement and/or credit. Exemption exams cannot be used for placement into UMass Amherst courses. 

 Math Exemption Test

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics coordinates the Math Exemption Test offered multiple times each semester. If you wish to satisfy your R1 requirement without taking a course and without earning credit, you may take the Math Exemption Test. You will still need to take the Math Placement Exam before you attend orientation. The Math Exemption Test will not place you into a level of Math or give you credits. A passing score will exempt you from the R1 requirement only.

 Foreign Language Exemption Exams

During the first week of the semester, Student Success proctors foreign language exemption exams in French, German, Latin, or Spanish. Students who take the German or Spanish exemption exam may also earn credit based on their results. 

Email two weeks before the semester begins for more details.

Students may only take this exam ONCE. We suggest that students take at least 3 years of language courses before they attempt the exemption test.

If you wish to take a placement or exemption test in a language other than French, German, Latin or Spanish, contact the Humanities and Fine Arts Advising Center to set up an appointment:

Humanities and Fine Arts Advising Center
E-202 South College (off the atrium)