Register for Orientation & Transitions

2023 New Student Experience

Registration for Ready for the U is now open for students admitted for Fall 2023 who paid their enrollment deposit. 

Here are some tips for registration:

  • To be eligible to register, you must pay your enrollment deposit and the deposit must be recorded in the SPIRE and passed to the registration site. It can take 3-5 days for processing to occur. You will receive an email when you are eligible. You must also list your emergency contact information in SPIRE. 

  • Before you log in to the registration site, confirm whether you want to participate in a online or on-campus Ready for the U. If you're selecting on-campus decide if you'd like a one-day session or a two-day session. Students who select a two-day session stay overnight in the residence halls in Orchard Hill. 

  • Once you select your Ready for the U date from the list in the registration site, you cannot change it. Please check the Ready for the Modailities and Features chart to help you make an informed decision about which type of session is best for you, before you log in to register. 

  • Please keep in mind other important commitments and events like prom, graduation, vacation, and work.

  • Make sure you talk with your family and supporters before selecting a Ready for the U date.

  • Choose a session that does not conflict with any other commitments so that you can attend the full program. Attendance is taken throughout Ready for the U and participants must attend the complete experience. 

  • Once you have selected your date and completed your registration, make sure to add the dates and travel time needed to your calendar and set a reminder in your phone.

Register Here

Students must be registered for Ready for the U by:

  • First-year students June 1, 2023
  • MassTransfer students June 5, 2023
  • Transfer students June 15, 2023

New Student Advising & Course Registration for Fall 2023 students takes place in June and July. Starting in June, after completing the Guide to the U and registering for Ready for the U, students will receive an email in their UMass email account from their advisors. Please make sure you select a New Student Advising & Course Registration appointment that does not conflict with your Ready for the U date. You will not be able to register for classes at or during Ready for the U.