Ready for the U

The New Student Orientation & Transitions team is here to support all new students and their families as they join and become active members of the UMass community. Students starting at UMass Amherst will engage in several focused components of the orientation & transition experience: Guide to the U, Ready for the U, Welcome to the U, and New Student Advising & Course Registration

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About Ready for the U

Ready for the U is your opportunity to engage with the university: its community, resources, values, and expectations before the semester starts. During Ready for the U you will meet fellow new students, learn from experienced Orientation & Transition Leaders, network with university staff members, and get ready for the upcoming semester. You will also:

  • Learn about living and acting responsibly in community, 
  • Begin navigating campus life at UMass Amherst,
  • Acquire skills to cultivate academic preparedness, and 
  • Develop an affinity for UMass Amherst.

All new students actively participate in a Ready for the U experience, either online or on campus.  

A variety of sessions are offered to meet the needs of our students. Session availablilty varies by school/college and admit type (first-year or transfer). Students will be able to select from the dates they are eligible to attend when they log into the registration site.

  • Unlike past years, you will not register for classes during Ready for the U and must schedule your online New Student Advising & Course Registration appointment for a different time period. However, you will have time to Connect with Your College during Ready for the U to network with your college community. Connect with Your College is not a course registration period. 
  • New students participate in the entire New Student Experience free of any additional charges as the costs associated with the experience are covered by the non-refundable New Student Enrollment fee which is included on the first semester bill.  

Ready for the U Modalities and Featured Activities

We strongly encourage participation in the on campus version of the experience. However, the online version might be right for you if you are a student: 

  • with young children / caring for a family member, 
  • actively serving in the military / working 40 or more hours/week and unable to take a day off before classes start, 
  • traveling more than 400 miles to Amherst, or 
  • returning for a second bachelor’s degree. 

To help you choose the best modality for you, we will be providing our featured activity chart soon. 

Ready for the U Registration

  • Ready for the U will open in May for students starting in Fall 2024 and their guests.