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 Student FAQs:

Arrow indicating a question  Which students participate in the new student experience (orientation) / Am I required to participate? 

Any student who enters the university through Undergraduate Admissions as a first-year or transfer student and pays the non-refundable $500 new student enrollment fee is required to participate in the new student experience coordinated by New Student Orientation & Transitions. This includes students who are admitted to the Interdisciplinary Studies Exploratory track or transfer to UMass Amherst after taking courses through University Without Walls. In addition, students who withdraw from the university before their first semester starts and are re-admitted to the university as first-time students through the Registrar's Office are considered new undergraduate students and they also complete the new student experience. 

While other welcome, orientation, and/or transition experiences are available to support students in the following groups, the undergraduate new student experience coordinated by New Student Orientation & Transitions is not required for:

  • graduate students;
  • students admitted through the University Without Walls application processes;
  • students who completed the new student experience already and are transferring from an associate degree program in the Stockbridge School to a bachelor's degree program at the university;
  • students who completed the new student experience already, earned a bachelor's degree at UMass Amherst, and are returning for a second bachelor's degree; or
  • students who are on exchange at UMass Amherst from another institution. 

Arrow indicating a question  When are the orientation & transition programs? 

Your new student experience spans several months from when you submit your enrollment deposit through the first 63 days of the semester. Students admitted to UMass Amherst for Spring 2024 will have experiences to complete from December - March. Learn more about the components of your new student experience:  Next for the U, Guide to the U, Ready for the U, Welcome to the U, and New Student Advising & Course Registration.

Placement Assessments are open the next business day after your enrollment deposit has been processed by the University. 
Guide to the U and Ready for the U registration launches December 15, 2023 for deposited students
Placement Assessments, registration for Ready for the U, and Guide to the U are due on January 1, 2024.
Advising Appointments for New Student Advising & Course Registration will occur online between January 8 - January 26, 2024. Please see below for more detailed information. 

Arrow indicating a question  Do new students have to pay for Ready for the U or any part of the New Student Experience?

New students participate in the entire New Student Experience free of any additional charges as the costs associated with the experience are covered by the non-refundable New Student Enrollment fee which is included on the first semester bill.

Arrow indicating a question  What placement assessments are offered?

There are 3 kinds of online placement assessments: the Math Placement Exam, the Foreign Language Placement Exam, and the Writing Placement Questionnaire. Refer to the placement assessment page for details on who takes the assessments and the questionnaire. Placement assessments are due January 1.

Arrow indicating a question   When is new student advising? 

Students admitted for Spring 2024 will participate in online New Student Advising & Course Registration. After you complete Guide to the U, take your placement assessments, and register for Ready for the U, your advisor will send a customized link via your UMass email address to the Navigate appointment system. Appointments will take place online and availability will vary by admit type (first-year, transfer, or MassTransfer), college, and academic program. Check your UMass email account starting in January for this special link.  
When choosing your advising appointment, make sure it is not the same day as your Ready for the U date. Please note: new students cannot register for Spring 2024 courses before January. 

Arrow indicating a question  I am an International Student. What do I need to do in addition to registering with New Student Orientation and Transitions?

International students have several components to complete. Be sure to read our information for international students and reference the Admitted International Studentpage for specific to dos for international students.

Arrow indicating a question   How do I submit a UCard photo? 

Please visit the UCard Office website for the specific directions on how to upload a UCard photo.

Arrow indicating a question  What Immunizations are required for New Students?

Please visit University Health Services webpage for information regarding required immunizations and how to submit them. 

If you have any questions regarding immunizations, please contact UMass Amherst's Student Immunization Program (SIP) at nsip@uhs.umass.edu. 

If you are having difficulties uploading your immunizations on the Patient Portal, please contact UHS Portal Help at uhsportalhelp@umass.edu.

Arrow indicating a question  How do I indicate my pronouns on SPIRE?

Students can indicate their pronouns by signing into SPIRE and from their Profile, selecting Personal Information, and then selecting Pronouns.  

Arrow indicating a question  How do I send my transcript?

Per Undergraduate Admissions, official high school transcripts can be submitted via email to mail@admissions.umass.edu.

All post-secondary institution transcripts (community colleges, other colleges, etc.) must be sent to us electronically through one of the following services: National Clearinghouse, E-Script Safe, or Parchment.

If a high school or post-secondary transcript needs to be mailed, the address is:

UMass Amherst Undergraduate Admissions Office 
Mather Building 
37 Mather Drive 
Amherst, MA 01003

For the most updated information, please visit Undergraduate Admissions.  

Arrow indicating a question  How will my AP, SAT, IB, A-Level, CLEP scores or previous college/university coursework transfer?

Visit the Transfer Credit page for more information. If you have earned previous college credit either through coursework or testing, be sure to tell your advisor.

If you have any questions regarding transfer credit, please contact the Office of the University Registrar Transfer Credit Services at Phone: 413-545-0555 or rectransfer@registrar.umass.edu

Arrow indicating a question  When can I review my transfer credit evaluation?

You can view credits that have transferred on SPIRE under Profile> navigate to Academics>then select Transfer/Test Credit. Classes or tests that were recently taken may not appear on SPIRE right away.

If you have any questions regarding your transfer credit, please contact the Office of the University Registrar Transfer Credit Services at Phone: 413-545-0555 or rectransfer@registrar.umass.edu.

Arrow indicating a question  How do I get involved on campus?

You can discover unique opportunities at UMass Amherst on Campus Pulse, including various events and Registered Student Organizations.

 Parents, Family and Friends FAQs: 

Arrow indicating a question  Will there be Ready for the U sessions for family members?

Yes! Family support is an important factor in student success. Parents and family members can also register as a guest for the Parent & Family programs once your student is registered and invites you.

 Our Most Common Referral FAQs:

As a new member of our community, you are just beginning to navigate campus life. This section of FAQs is based on common questions we receive, but need to refer to other campus departments. Creating relationships and identifying members of the university community who can assist you through challenges and answer questions allows you to seek support during your journey at UMass. 

Arrow indicating a question  How do I schedule a tour?

Admissions Visitor Services currently offers combined admissions information sessions and campus tours on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and standalone campus tours on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Information sessions last approximately 45 minutes. You can sign up for an available tour here

If you have any questions about tours or information sessions, please contact Admissions Visitor Services at 413-545-0306 or tours@admissions.umass.edu.

Arrow indicating a question  How do I activate my computer account?

Once you have been admitted to the University, our Information Technology (IT) office will send you information on how to access your UMass IT account, including the student information system (SPIRE), email, wireless internet, etc. If you need assistance with your NetID or password, please check the UMass IT website for new students.

Arrow indicating a question  Who should I contact if I cannot set-up my Two-Step Login (multi-factor authentication) or if I am having technical difficulties?

You can read instructions on how to get started with two-step login here.

For all other questions regarding technology, you can visit the UMass IT website for new students or contact UMass IT at it@umass.edu or 413-545-9400

Arrow indicating a question  When is my Spring 2024 bill due?

UMass Amherst electronically bills students. Spring semester bills are typically generated mid-December and due in mid-January, check the Bursar’s website for more information. You will receive an email in your UMass student email account letting you know when the bill is available to view on SPIRE. If someone else is helping to pay your bill, please set that person up as an authorized payer in the QuikPAY system. Learn more information about QuikPAY.

If you have any questions about your bill, please contact the Bursar’s Office by email at bursar@admin.umass.edu, or by phone 413-545-2368. 

Arrow indicating a question  Who should I contact for questions regarding housing?

You can review Residential Life’s webpage here

If you have any questions regarding housing, please contact Residential Life based on your request using their contact information here.   

Arrow indicating a question  Who should I contact regarding my UCard (student ID)? 

You can review information on how to upload your UCard, where and when to pick up your UCard and more on the UCard Office’s webpage. 

If you have any questions regarding your UCard, please contact UCard Office at either ucard@admin.umass.edu or 413-545-0197.

Arrow indicating a question  How do I choose my meal plan?

UMass Dining's FAQ page includes information regarding choosing your meal plan, details of each meal plan, how to check your meal plan, special dietary restrictions, and much more! 

If you have any questions regarding your meal plan, please contact the Meal Plan office at 413-545-5380 or fill out UMass Dining’s contact form.

Arrow indicating a question  How do I purchase a Student Parking Permit?

Student parking permits are purchased yearly via Parking Services. You can find more information on their webpage, Parking Services.  

If you have any questions regarding parking, please contact Parking Services at 413-577-PARK (7275) or parking@umass.edu.

Arrow indicating a question  Who should I contact regarding accommodations for the semester? 

Please review Disability Services webpage for the most up-to-date information regarding scheduling an appointment with an Access Coordinator virtually to discuss your accommodations. 

If you have any questions regarding accommodations, please contact Disability Services at 413-545-0892 or schedule an appointment on the webpage given above!   

Arrow indicating a question  Where can I find jobs on and off-campus?

The Student Employment Office posts jobs for Undergraduate UMass Amherst students. Jobs include on and off-campus and work-study and non-work-study positions. You can view the Student Employment FAQ here

Arrow indicating a question  Who should I contact regarding Financial Aid questions?

To start please review Financial Aid Services

If you have any questions regarding Financial Aid, please contact Financial Aid at 413-545-0801 or finaid@finaid.umass.edu

Arrow indicating a question  Who should I contact regarding health care on-campus?

You should contact University Health Services (UHS). Their mission is to provide comprehensive medical care to a diverse population of UMass Amherst constituents and promote campus health in the broadest sense. 

If you have any questions regarding University Health Services, please review their contact information for the best number or email to use.

Arrow indicating a question  What resources are available to me regarding safety, support and more?

UMatter at UMass is about creating a campus community of care, compassion, connection, and active engagement.   

You can find contact information and descriptions on the resources available to you on the UMatter at UMass webpage, including the UMass Amherst Police Department (UMPD), University Health Services (UHS), Dean of Students Office, Center for Women and Community, Center for Health Promotion, Equal Opportunity and Access, Title IX Coordination Team, Disability Services, Office of Religious and Spiritual Life, Ombuds Office, Stonewall Center, Center for Multicultural Advancement and Student Success (CMASS), Student Legal Services Office and Psychological Services Center. 

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