Experts and Media Resources

UMass Amherst faculty experts are available to speak with reporters as expert sources for stories.

A sampling of our experts by topic area

Rebecca (Becky) Spencer, psychological and brain sciences

Sleep, Brain function and memory, Speakers bureau

Kumble Subbaswamy, UMass Amherst chancellor

Issues facing higher education and public colleges and universities, International cooperation in higher education, Massive open online courses (MOOCs) and the globalization of education, Optical physics

Linda Tropp, psychology

Group prejudice; Racial, gender and ethnic relations

Julian Tyson, chemistry

Nutritional and environmental contamination of dangerous elements such as aluminum, antimony, arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury and selenium

Laura Vandenberg, environmental health sciences

Endocrine disruptors, Hazard assessment, Developmental biology, Endocrinology

Daniel Wang, astronomy

Matter and energy in galaxies, Supernova remnants, Superbubbles, Galactic nuclear regions, Speakers bureau

Susan Krauss Whitbourne, psychology

Adult development and aging, Psychology of sports fans, Coping with tragedy and recovery, Speakers bureau

Jon Woodruff, geosciences

Sediment transport, Fooding, Flood reconstructions and the geologic record, Impact of climate and landscape on flooding, Flood risk evaluations, Speakers bureau

Jonathan Wynn, sociology

City revitalization, Music festivals, and Cultural events

Hang Xiao, food science

Disease preventive dietary components, Nutraceutical bioavailability, Diet-based strategy for cancer prevention, Enhancement of health benefits of nutraceuticals by food processing and nanotechnology, Speakers bureau