Experts and Media Resources

UMass Amherst faculty experts are available to speak with reporters as expert sources for stories.

A sampling of our experts by topic area

Panos G. Kevrekidis, mathematics and statistics

Mathematical physics, Dynamical systems, Mathematical biology, Speakers bureau

Amanda Kinchla, food science

Food safety, product development and commercialization; Food science outreach education; Speakers bureau

Elizabeth (Betsy) Krause, anthropology

Italian cultural politics, Critical population studies

Daniel A. Lass, resource economics

Microeconometrics, Small farms, Nursery crops, Water quality, Soil saving technologies, Farm economic decisions, Speakers bureau

Derek Lovley, microbiology

Anaerobic microorganisms, Microbial fuel cells, Bioremediation, Speakers bureau

Jennifer Lundquist, sociology

Social stratification, Race and ethnicity, Gender, Family, Health disparities, Military

Frank Mangan, sustainable vegetable production and marketing systems

Vegetable production, Ethnic crops, Urban agriculture, Vegetable marketing, Speakers bureau.

Craig T. Martin, chemistry

Enzymology of transcription, Structure and function in enzyme-DNA interactions, Kinetics and thermodynamics, Nucleotide analogs, SELEX, Fuorescence spectroscopy, Speakers bureau

Lisa Masteralexis. sport management

Legal issues and labor relations in the sport industry, Sport law, Sports agencies

David Mednicoff, public policy and Middle Eastern studies

Middle Eastern and North African politics, Law and public policy, U.S. foreign policy, International and comparative law and politics, Human rights, Globalization theory