Experts and Media Resources

UMass Amherst faculty experts are available to speak with reporters as expert sources for stories.

A sampling of our experts by topic area

Aline Gubrium, public health

Sexual and reproductive health, rghts and justice; Holistic and culture-centered approaches to health promotion

Peter Haas, political science

International relations, International political economy, International environmental politics, International institutions and global governance

Elizabeth M. Hamin, regional planning

Planning for climate change, Growth management planning, Land use planning, Speakers bureau

Douglas R. Hardy, geosciences

Climate change, Glaciers, Snow pack, Speakers bureau

Krista Harper, anthropology

Cultural anthropology; Culture and the politics of social movements; Medical anthropology; Science and technology studies; Race, ethnicity, and human rights; Eastern Europe (Hungary), Roma (Gypsy) diaspora; The European Union, Speakers bureau

James F. Holden, microbiology

Geothermal bacteria and microorganisms, Microorganisms in extreme conditions, Physiology and genomics of thermophilic and hyperthermophilic archaea, Geomicrobiology of the geothermal environments, Speakers bureau

Duncan J. Irschick, biology

Evolutionary biology, Animal movement, Organismal design, Biological diversity, Speakers bureau

Elizabeth M. Jakob, psychological and brain sciences

Jumping spiders, Spiders, Spider visual perception, Animal behavior, Animal group living, Speakers bureau

Miliann Kang, women, gender and sexuality studies

Social construction of race, gender and class; Sociology of the body; Emotional labor and service interactions; Immigrant women's work; Asian American communities, Relations between Korean Americans and African Americans, Ethnography

Paul S. Katz, neuroscience

Brain circuitry, Evolution of brains and behavior, Invertebrate neuroscience, Neural basis of behavior