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A sampling of our experts by topic area

Health economics, health insurance, empirical methods, physician referrals, access to care
Kimberley Geissler

Geissler's research explores the factors affecting patients' access to high-quality health care.

Ongoing federal judicial confirmation battles, Obama's lower court judiciary, Politics of judicial selection and confirmation, Backgrounds and career paths of lower federal court judges, Politics of constitutional law and civil liberties
Sheldon Goldman

Goldman is one of the nation's top experts on the politics of judicial selection and confirmation, and is a frequent source for news media covering issues surrounding the judiciary.

Sexual and reproductive health, rights and justice, Holistic and culture-centered approaches to health promotion
Aline Gubrium

Aline Gubrium’s (uh-LYNN GOO-breeum) research focuses on addressing health inequities among marginalized women, youth and families using participatory digital and visual storytelling to research views on sexuality and reproductive health.

Italian cultural politics, critical population studies
Elizabeth (Betsy) Krause

Krause studies the interplay among nationalism, gender, class, race and ethnicity in the context of population politics in Italy, where women in the 1990s reached record-low fertility rates and where reproductive practices have provoked urgent political debate.

Social stratification, Race and ethnicity, Gender, Family, Health disparities, Military
Jennifer Lundquist

Lundquist has conducted extensive research on various aspects of relationships, marriage and divorce, including the effects caused by race, ethnicity and gender.

Legal issues and labor relations in the sport industry, Sport law, Sports agencies
Lisa Masteralexis

Masteralexis's research and teaching interests are in sport law and labor relations in the sport industry. She is the lead editor of Principles and Practice of Sport Management, one of the most widely-used sports management text books in the country.

Middle Eastern and North African politics, Law and public policy, U.S. foreign policy, International and comparative law and politics, Human rights, Globalization theory
David Mednicoff

Mednicoff’s areas of expertise include Middle Eastern law and politics, international law, human rights, globalization studies and comparative public policy. He has appeared frequently on international television news broadcasts and in print coverage of Middle Eastern and North African issues.

Business and economic forecasting, Economic Indicators analysis, The Economics of the European Union, The microeconometrics of labor markets, Demographic economics
Robert Nakosteen

Nakosteen is an oft-cited expert on the Massachusetts economy, especially the business climate of Western Massachusetts and the Pioneer Valley.

Water resources planning, Flood management, Drought management, Impacts of climate change on water resources and flood levels, Modeling of engineering systems
Richard Palmer

Palmer's primary area of interest is water resource planning and management, including impacts of climate change on water resources, drought planning and real-time water resource management, and he pioneered the use of “virtual drought exercises.”

Economics, Green Jobs/Economy, Low-wage labor
Robert Pollin

Pollin's research centers on macroeconomics, conditions for low-wage workers in the U.S. and globally, the analysis of financial markets, and the economics of building a clean-energy economy in the U.S and globally.