Experts and Media Resources

UMass Amherst faculty experts are available to speak with reporters as expert sources for stories.

A sampling of our experts by topic area

Ben Branch, finance

Corporate bankruptcy, Mergers and acquisitions, Investments, Bank management

Sylvia Brandt, resource economics

Asthma and chronic illnesses, Children’s health and the environment, Valuing health impacts, Hospital readmissions and medicare reimbursements, Fishery management and over-fishing

Julie Brigham-Grette, geosciences

Climate evolution of the arctic, Sea level history

Daniela Calzetti, astronomy

UV, optical, and infrared astronomy, Star formation and stellar feedback in galaxies, The relation between star formation and gas/dust components in galaxies, Dust absorption and emission, Star formation in galaxies, Speakers bureau

Elena T. Carbone, nutrition

Nutrition, Community health, Diabetes, Food safety, Obesity prevention, Diet and health, Speakers bureau

Julie A. Caswell, resource economics

Food policy, Food safety, Nutrition, Food labeling, Speakers bureau

Lisa Chasan-Taber, epidemiology

Diabetes and exercise during pregnancy, Health disparities, Hispanic pregnant women

Peter Chien, biochemistry and molecular biology

Protein degradation and unfolding, Protein quality control, Speakers bureau

Nancy L. Cohen, nutrition

Nutrition policy, Food policy, Community nutrition, Nutrition education, Food safety education, Nutrition and aging, Speakers bureau

Paul M. Collins Jr., political science

The U.S. Supreme Court, Democratic nature of the judiciary, Judicial decision-making, Interest group litigation, Civil rights and liberties