Jonathan Wynn, sociology

Associate professor of sociology

Phone: (o) 413/545-4073


Jonathan Wynn’s research focuses on urban culture and the impact of music festivals and other temporary cultural events on city revitalization.
His two major publications are The Tour Guide: Walking and Talking New York (2011, University of Chicago Press, Fieldwork Encounters and Discoveries Series) and Music/City: American Festivals and Placemaking in Austin, Nashville, and Newport (2015, University of Chicago Press). In addition to numerous academic publications, his articles have also appeared in The Guardian, The Conversation, and The Washington Post.
His most recent book, Music/City, is an analysis of three music festivals—the Country Music Association Festival in Nashville, the Newport (R.I.) Folk Festival, and the South by Southwest festival in Austin. The book details the interrelationship between festivals and their cities, marking how they support and exploit each other, ultimately arguing for temporary events as critical to the culture of cities and their communities.
More information about Jonathan Wynn and his research can be found here.