Lisa Chasan-Taber, epidemiology

Professor of epidemiology

Phone: 413-545-1664


Lisa Chasan-Taber (CHAY-son TAY-burr) is a reproductive epidemiologist and an internationally recognized expert on physical activity during pregnancy. She has spent the past 15 years actively leading national research teams in the conduct of lifestyle interventions among high-risk, ethnically diverse pregnant women.

Her research focuses on the impact of prenatal exposures on gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, gestational weight gain, low birth weight and preterm birth. She also conducts research on the ‘fetal origins hypothesis,’ which proposes that coronary heart disease and diabetes may be developmentally programmed early in life in response to the food the mother eats, the exercise she gets, and the stress she experiences both during and prior to pregnancy. Such healthy lifestyle modifications during pregnancy show promising potential to protect both women and their offspring against subsequent obesity and type 2 (adult onset) diabetes.