Julie A. Caswell, resource economics

Associate dean for Education & Student Development, professor of resource economics, College of Social & Behavioral Sciences Fellow

Phone: 413-577-1203

Email: caswell@resecon.umass.edu

Julie A. Caswell is an expert in food policy, food safety and nutrition. Her many appointments to national food safety and nutrition boards attest to the importance of her work keeping consumers informed of the quality of the food they eat.

While researching the economics of food safety, Caswell has examined both the costs and incentives of creating safe foods on local, national and international scales. She has focused on the benefits of food labeling, the impacts of sanitary and phytosanitary regulations on international trade and risk-based food-safety regulation.

Caswell has also served on four National Academies committees that delivered major policy reports on dioxins in food, the benefits and costs of seafood consumption, the Food and Drug Administration’s use of risk-based approaches to food safety and the public release of meat plant inspection data by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.