World Chef Culinary Conference at UMass Amherst June 14-19 Will Focus on World Street Food and Local Flavors

AMHERST, Mass. – The University of Massachusetts Amherst will host the 15th annual Tastes of the World Chef Culinary Conference for campus food services, from June 14-19. Many notable guest chefs will be on campus, led by Martin Yan, Roland Mesnier (former White House pastry chef) and Joyce Goldstein.

This year’s theme, “World Street Food, Local flavors,” will focus on many street foods from Latin America, the Mediterranean Region and Southeast Asia. Not only are they popular, but small portions with local flavors are just what many customers are looking for, said Ken Toong, executive director of Dining Services at UMass Amherst, and organizer of the conference. “Street foods have been around for hundred of years in both America and the world, and they are get more popular in America,” he said. “Our students can snack on tapas all day. They are looking for freshness, variety and flavor, and portable street foods really fit the bill.”

The conference will include presentations by well-known chefs and food experts including Eric Decker of the UMass Amherst food science department, Debora Duro of Children’s Hospital in Boston, master chef trainer John Ash, Vietnamese food authority Mai Pham and Mark Miller of Southwest Cuisine. In addition, there will be well-known chefs in their respective global cuisine: Suvir Saran on food of India, Roberto Santiba?ez on Mexican cooking, Chai Siriyan on Thai Cuisine, Hiroko Shimbo on Japanese cooking, Valeria Molinelli on Peruvian Cuisine, Mario Ferro on Columbian Cuisine, and Jet Tila on Southeast Asian cuisine. They all will make individual presentations.

Other guests will include editors of national trade food magazines, among them Food Services Director, Food Management, Restaurants & Institutions, On Campus Hospitality and Flavors on Line. Also appearing will be Steve Sweeney, president of Chartwell, the world’s largest management company. Members of the faculty at Johnson and Wales University and The Culinary Institute of America will share their knowledge and oversee many workshop sessions, demonstrations and the culminating competition.

Events will be held in the Campus Center and the Berkshire Dining Commons.

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