Web Site Created by UMass Amherst Environmental Researcher Lauded

AMHERST, Mass. - A Web site created by Eric Winkler, a researcher in the Center for Environmental Efficiency and Renewable Energy at the University of Massachusetts, has won second place in a contest sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy.

The Web site is for the Massachusetts Industries of the Future program. The program, which is now active in 32 states, gives manufacturing industries the opportunity to collaborate on environmental regulations and energy efficiency issues, develop new products and markets, and access federal and state research and development grants. The program targets industries such as metal casting, forest products, and chemicals and plastics. "’Industries of the Future’ are actually industries that have been around for decades and will be here in the future – they make products we use every day and will need for years to come," Winkler says. "You can’t have high-tech unless you have someone pouring metal to make a heat sink, or manhole covers to house boxes holding fiber-optic connections. They’re the industries that will stay here and we want them to stay here."

Winkler says that the Web site is "a significant repository of information for companies to learn about resources related to environmental and energy issues in the Commonwealth," including state and industry contacts, grant information, and upcoming meetings and workshops.

The Massachusetts Industries of the Future Web site can be found at http://www.maiof.org/. Eric Winkler can be contacted at 413/545-2853 or winkler@ecs.umass.edu.