ValleyBike Joins National Roll to the Polls Movement

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ValleyBike Share, the all electric-assist bicycle share program of the Pioneer Valley that includes the UMass Amherst campus, is partnering with the North American Bike Share Association (NABSA) and its members on Roll to the Polls, a program aimed to ensure all eligible voters are able to make it to their polling place on election day.

ValleyBike Share will be offering $1 day passes and unlimited three-hour rides for every membership type, and is providing the ability to use a secondary lock to secure the bike to a fence, bike rack, tree or any other stationary object while at the polling location to vote.

ValleyBike Share is also offering financial assistance to those who need it to obtain this day pass or any membership. Anyone interested can reach out to the company’s customer service team and ask about their free Access Pass, an annual pass offered for free this year that allows an annual membership with unlimited 1 hour rides (with the exception of 3-hour rides on election day).

More information about Roll to the Polls can be found at

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