UMass Amherst Team Wins Public Health Data Challenge

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A team of four UMass Amherst undergraduate students, including Arianna Kazemi (biochemistry and molecular biology), Connor Kennedy (mathematics), Gabri Silverman (public health sciences) and Yugal Subedi (BDIC), has won the American Statistical Association’s (ASA) Public Health Data Challenge. 

Ninety-one teams were given the task of analyzing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Multiple Cause of Death (Detailed Mortality) data set, and then, using data analysis and problem-solving skills, proposing recommendations on how local officials should fight the national opioid epidemic.

“It was interesting to work with my team because we all have different academic backgrounds, therefore we looked at problems differently. When we heard we had won, I was so excited because I felt as though all our hard work during the semester had paid off,” Silverman says. “The competition definitely gave me more confidence in my coding and data analysis skills.”

Nicholas Reich, associate professor of biostatistics, served as faculty advisor for the team.

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