UMass Amherst Professors Appointed to Panels

AMHERST, Mass. – Three University of Massachusetts Amherst faculty members have been appointed to national and international panels related to their fields of research.

Patty S. Freedson, professor and chair of the kinesiology department, has been named to the science board of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. The board makes recommendations to the council and its staff on program development and evaluation.

Freedson’s selection was based on her contributions to the research and science of physical activity, fitness and health. Her research interests include physical activity and its assessment, fitness, health in different populations, pediatric exercise physiology and fitness test development.

Professor James Manwell, director of the Renewable Energy Research Laboratory in the department of mechanical and industrial engineering, has been appointed to the International Council for Science Panel on Renewable Energy (ISPRE).

ISPRE was created under the auspices of the International Council for Science (ICSU), a non-governmental organization with a global membership, including national and international scientific unions.

ISPRE will assess the scientific, technical and socio-economic global status relevant to the development and deployment of renewable energy technologies and bridge the way from research and development to policymaking. The ICSU has assembled top experts in key renewable energy disciplines, including solar electric, solar thermal, biomass, hydroelectric, geothermal, wind energy and policy. Its first meeting will be held this month.

ICSU is currently working to integrate ISPRE into the Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st century (REN21), a global policy network that provides a forum for international leadership on renewable energy.

Associate professor Theresa Austin, coordinator of the language, literacy and culture concentration in the School of Education, has been named to the editorial advisory board of the Journal of Language, Identity, and Education.

Published by Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, the journal is a quarterly publication devoted to “innovative and rigorous research and critical scholarship that helps define and advance inquiry concerned with intersecting issues related to language, identity, and education.”

Advisory board members are appointed for three-year terms with the possibility of extended terms with the concurrence of the publisher.