UMass Amherst Moves Forward with Fall Planning Process

The University of Massachusetts Amherst recently released a detailed Preliminary Planning Report as it moves to finalize plans to reopen campus in the fall. Chancellor Kumble R. Subbaswamy will announce final plans by Tuesday, June 30.

The materials are posted publicly at The Chancellor welcomes input, which should be submitted by Friday, June 12 at In addition, UMass has been conducting a series of Virtual Campus Forums to answer questions on fall preparations.

In May, Subbaswamy charged six administrative working groups, under the direction of Provost John McCarthy, with developing a set of recommendations for the fall 2020 reopening process. On June 8, he shared with the campus community their Preliminary Planning Report, drawn from the extensive research and engagement of approximately 100 faculty, staff and students who served on the groups, as well as the Chancellor’s Preliminary Assessment of the university’s path forward.