UMass Amherst, Community Celebrate 25 Years of Workplace Education Across the Commonwealth

AMHERST, Mass. – State Sen. Stanley Rosenberg and Rep. Ellen Story will be on hand Friday, Nov. 1, to celebrate 25 years of Labor/Management Workplace Education (LMWEP) projects at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and at community sites throughout the state.

In a noon program in the Marriott Center at the UMass Amherst Campus Center, the two legislators will present a citation of recognition to honor LMWEP and its initiatives, which have drawn more than 1,000 campus employees into the classroom in the past two year alone, and have dramatically increased the earning power of low-income workers taking part in more than 40 programs across the state.

Friday’s program will include a presentation on LMWEP’s history, including a video documentary featuring 12 program learners. Kenneth Taitt, who works as a chef for the university’s dining services, will also share remarks about his own collegiate journey, and the support he found in LMWEP as he moved through both his career and his education – from custodial worker to culinary arts graduate and catering chef.

Entering into working partnerships with more than 125 other organizations over the past 25 years, LMWEP offers training and education opportunities to frontline workers – maintainers, trade workers, and secretaries to professional, technical and support staff. The courses range from basic computer skills, to specific applications to “next step” classes that develop professional interpersonal skills and valuable leadership. LMWEP also offers one-on-one sessions and “English for Speakers of Other Languages” classes.