UMass Amherst Chancellor David Scott Announces Budget Allocations for Fiscal Year 1998

AMHERST, Mass. - University of Massachusetts Chancellor David K. Scott has announced some $13 million worth of budget allocations for the Amherst campus for Fiscal Year 1998, which started July 1. In total for FY98, the campus received approximately $195.3 million in operating funds from the state, an increase of $13 million above last year''s budget of $182.3 million.

Some $4.48 million of the $13 million increase will go to pay for unanticipated and emergency projects. The rest, nearly $9 million, will support the campus''s long-range planning initiative called Strategic Action.

Scott said: "Revenue is up, but so are expenditures."

Referring to the Strategic Action Plan, which pegs campus financial growth to the same percentage as state growth, Scott said the increase in the campus budget over the last three years has been exactly the same as the state''s growth, 5.7 percent. "This is excellent," he said. He also thanked the Legislature - especially singling out state Senate Ways and Means Chairman Stanley Rosenberg - and UMass President William Bulger for the budget increases.

Budget allotments follow.

Unanticipated FY98 costs

* Need-based financial aid - $1.168 million

* Replacement of lost tuition waivers - $1.2 million (per mandate from state Board of Higher Education)

* Scholarships for an increased number of valedictorians and salutatorians - $0.344 million

* Scholarships for Commonwealth Scholars - $0.120 million

* Unexpected shift in money for University''s central services - $0.500 million

* Mandates from the Office of Occupational, Safety and Health Administration - $0.125 million

* Legislative earmarkings - $0.225 million

* Restoration of Old Chapel (''98 costs only) - $0.800 million

Total $4.482 million

Major initiatives to advance the goals outlined in the Strategic Action Plan

(Partial details of each project are listed below)

* $3,090,000 - This amount includes $1.16 million to need-based grants to cover increased student costs and $350,000 to fulfill a 1997 commitment to work-study funds; another $1.1 million will cover the loss of need-based tuition waivers; funding for two merit programs, the Commonwealth Scholars and the University Scholars.

* $2,325,000 - Take care of critical building maintenance and renovation needs, including the Old Chapel and the renovation of Grinnell Arena to house the Marching Band.

* $1,680,000 - Strengthen the technology, staff, and acquisitions program in the library; research needs of new faculty; funding for Campaign UMass - all in support of goal of becoming a member of the Association of American Universities (AAU).

* $1,250,000 - Funding for operations, maintenance, and equipment repair and replacement for the campus wiring/networking project and related services, the fiber optic cable plant, and other support for campus information technology initiatives.

* $472,000 - Teaching, learning, and curriculum reform to support further integration of various aspects of campus life, including teaching and learning, teaching and public service, and upgrading classrooms.

* $400,000 - To support the realignment of the life sciences and a faculty recruitment plan that crosses disciplines.

* $225,000 - Student advising and retention.

* $145,000 - Increased support for graduate students, especially students of color, and gender equity plans.

* $185,000 - To recruit an administrator to oversee the development of a modern faculty reward system and to help campus staff implement and adapt to change.

* $100,000 - Continuing support for existing interdisciplinary programs.

* $659,000 - Funding for Student Activities Trust Fund; first allocation of a three-year commitment to fund a flexible scheduling child-care pilot program; support for Stonewall Center and Everywoman''s Center, plus staff positions in Campus Activities, Greek Affairs, and the Employee Assistance Program, among others.

* $75,000 - Support for a review of financial and human resources systems in order to modernize management information systems.