Trustees make tenure decisions

The Board of Trustees voted June 21 to award tenure to 15 members of the UMass Amherst faculty and approved eight offers of appointment with tenure.

Tenure was granted to Kathleen Arcaro, Veterinary and Animal Sciences; Michael Barnes, Chemistry; Thomas Braden, Mathematics and Statistics; Anne Broadbridge, History; Kenneth Carter and Gregory Tew, Polymer Science and Engineering; Paula Chakravartty, Communication; Anthony Dinsmore, Physics; Sanjiv Gupta, Sociology; Elisabeth Hamin, Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning; Julie Hemment, Anthropology; Woojin Lee, Economics; KerryAnne O’Meara, Educational Policy, Research and Administration; Timothy Randhir, Natural Resources Conservation, and Jochen Weiss, Food Science.

Offers of appointment with tenure were approved for Daniela Calzetti as associate professor of Astronomy; Julie Hayes as professor of Languages, Literature and Cultures; George Langford as professor in Biology; Joel Martin as professor of History; Stephen Schreiber as professor of Art; Jillian Schwedler as associate professor of Political Science; Jan Servaes as professor of Communication, and Joel Wolfe as associate professor of History.