Trustees Award Four Professors Distinction; Award 41 Faculty Tenure

Three UMass Amherst faculty members were named Distinguished Professors, one was awarded a named professorship and 41 were awarded tenure following approval by the Board of Trustees at its Monday, July 20 meeting.

Lisa Green, linguistics; Susan Hankinson, epidemiology; and Prashant Shenoy, College of Information and Computer Sciences; were appointed Distinguished Professors at that meeting. The title Distinguished Professor is conferred on select, highly accomplished faculty who have already achieved the rank of professor and who meet a demanding set of qualifications.

Sundar Krishnamurty,mechanical and industrial engineering,was named to the Ronnie and Eugene M. Isenberg Distinguished Professorship in Engineering.

Additionally, 41 faculty members were awarded tenure following the board's approval. Those faculty members are: 

  • Courtney Babbitt, biology
  • Michael Becker, linguistics
  • Scott Blinder, political science
  • Virginia M. Closs, classics
  • Rosemary A. Cowell, psychological and brain sciences
  • Katherine L Dixon-Gordon, psychological and brain sciences
  • Elizabeth A. Evans, health promotion and policy
  • Haiying Gao, geosciences
  • Chaitra Gopalappa, mechanical and industrial engineering
  • Christine I. Ho, history of art and architecture
  • Vincent Homer, linguistics
  • Jill R. Hoover, communication disorders
  • Yoon Ju Kang, accounting
  • Matthew J. Katz, sport management
  • David A. Keiser, resource economics
  • Jasmine Kerrissey, sociology
  • Alexandra A. Lauterbach, student development and pupil personnel services
  • Jae-Hwang Lee, mechanical and industrial engineering
  • Sandra B, Litchfield, architecture
  • Subhransu Maji, computer science
  • Robin P. Mandel, art
  • Verena I. Martinez Outschoorn, physics
  • Mazen Naous, English
  • Brendan T. O'Connor, computer science
  • Mark C. Pachucki, sociology
  • Traci Parker, Afro-American studies
  • Sarah L Perry, chemical engineering
  • Leonid A. Pobezinsky, veterinary and animal sciences
  • Douglas R. Rice, political science
  • Kelly Richardson, communication disorders
  • Marianna M. Ritchey, music and dance
  • David Rodriguez Solas, languages, literature and cultures
  • Rong Rong, resource economics
  • Elizabeth A. Sharrow, political science
  • Alena Vasilyeva, communication
  • Vinh Quoc Ocean Vuong, English
  • Matthew J. Westgate, music and dance
  • Jennifer M. Whitehill, health promotion and policy
  • Caroline H. Yang, English
  • Kevin A. Young, history
  • Rodrigo Zamith, journalism