Thursday Move Out Expected to Cause Traffic Congestion

On Thursday, May 9 over 7,000 students will finish final exams and move out of the residence halls. There will be significant delays entering, exiting, and traveling around campus and in the local area. Heavy congestion is expected on all campus roads and routes leading into campus including University Drive, Massachusetts Avenue, Route 9, Route 116, and North Pleasant Street.

On Wednesday, May 8 and Thursday, May 9 a number of traffic patterns will be changed to improve the flow of traffic for students moving out. 

In addition to the high number of vehicles on campus, a significant amount of foot traffic is also expected. Pedestrians and drivers are encouraged to practice pedestrian safety at all times. 

Please note traffic exiting the Southwest and Commonwealth Honors College residential areas will come through Lot 71, west of Whitmore. Sunset Avenue, Fearing Street, Sylvan Drive and Hicks Way will be converted to a one-way streets. Detailed traffic pattern changes and maps can be viewed at