Theater Department Offering Minor for Undergraduates

UMass Amherst theater department presentation

To serve students who want to be involved in theater but who cannot commit to the full major, the department of theater has created a 16-credit minor that will be available to undergraduates beginning in the fall semester.

“The theater minor offers a wonderful opportunity to those students who want to continue their exploratory involvement with theater, or to those individuals for whom it is a newfound interest,” said Milan Dragicevich, department of theater undergraduate program director. “We think approaching theater-making from multiple perspectives makes for stronger artists and scholars. Therefore, as with our major, our minor in theater will ask students to take a broad perspective on the discipline.”

Students choose two areas of study from performance, dramaturgy or design for greater exploration. Students must take two introductory courses in these areas, two upper-level courses in the same areas (each for three credits), and one production credit. One additional three-credit theater course, including any of the department’s general education courses, rounds out the requirements.

Classroom instruction and production experience go hand-in-hand as students also apply what they learn to the mainstage season and/or independent work.

No audition is required for admission to the minor.

For more information, visit  or call 413/545-3490.