Technical Design CD by UMass Amherst Professor Receives Professional Publishing Award

AMHERST, Mass. - An interactive CD-ROM that provides landscape architects with technical design and construction information co-authored by Nicholas T. Dines, professor of landscape architecture and regional planning at the University of Massachusetts, has received the Professional Publishing Award from the Association of American Publishers.

Dines published the CD with Charles W. Harris, emeritus professor of landscape architecture at Harvard University.

The CD, titled "Time-Saver Standards Landscape Construction Details," was cited as the "Best New Electronic Product in Mathematics and Science" for 1998. Published by McGraw-Hill, the CD also won a merit award for professional publishing last year from the American Society of Landscape Architects.

A print version of the CD, "Landscape Construction Details Manual," is also available through McGraw-Hill''s "Concise Series." The CD for the first time provides an interactive library of standard landscape design and construction details tied to a database manager.

According to Dines, a user may access any of the more than 350 landscape details by clicking on design elements imbedded within nine cross-section drawings of various landscape types. Each detail can then be selected according to its application, climate, the soil and grade characteristics at the construction site, and then by installation and maintenance costs.

Dines and Harris are also co-editors of the book "Time-Saver Standards for Landscape Architecture: Design and Construction Data," published last year in its second edition. That volume is a reference manual widely used by architects, engineers, landscape architects, planners, and builders.