Teaching, Community Engagement and Research Honored at Awards Dinner

Faculty members from Engineering, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Humanities and Fine Arts, and Natural Sciences are the recipients of this year’s Distinguished Teaching Awards, the campus’ highest honor for classroom excellence.

The tenure system honorees are David J. McLaughlin, professor of electrical and computer engineering, Claudio Moreira, associate professor of communication, and Teresa Ramsby, associate professor of classics. Katherine Beltaire, lecturer in veterinary and animal sciences, is the non-tenure system award winner.

The graduate student Distinguished Teaching Awards went to Shastri Akella, languages, literatures and cultures/comparative literature, and Vanessa Duffy, languages, literatures and cultures/French and Francophone studies.

The awards were announced April 13 at the UMass Honors Dinner in the Campus Center Auditorium.

Also presented were the Distinguished Community Engagement Awards for Research and Teaching. Lisa Wexler, associate professor of community health education, received the award for research, while Emiliana Cruz, assistant professor of anthropology, was honored for teaching.

The recipients of this year’s Samuel F. Conti Faculty Fellowships were also recognized at the dinner. They are Melinda Novak, professor of psychological and brain sciences, David Reckhow, professor of civil and environmental engineering, and Donald Tomaskovic-Devey, professor of sociology.