Symposium at UMass Amherst to Focus on Antioxidants in Health and Foods

AMHERST, Mass. - The department of food science at the University of Massachusetts will host a symposium on the effects of antioxidants and oxidative processes in health and foods Thurs. and Fri. Nov. 5-6 in room 101 of the UMass Campus Center.

According to Fergus Clydesdale, food science department head, antioxidants play a dual role in foods by acting as physiologically active nutrients and preservatives.

"Antioxidants decrease the adverse effects of oxidative reactions in the body and thus reduce the risk of diseases such as atherosclerosis and cancer, as well as possibly slowing the aging process," Clydesdale says.

Several UMass faculty from the food science and nutrition departments, along with other academics, food industry experts, and representatives of federal regulatory agencies will give presentations during the symposium. Among the subjects to be covered are: oxidation, antioxidants and exercise; oxidation in irradiated foods; regulatory issues concerning antioxidant labeling; and the chemistry of oxidative processes and antioxidants.