Students from University of Ulster to Visit UMass Amherst Nov. 9-13

AMHERST, Mass. - A group of business students from the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland will visit the University of Massachusetts Nov. 9-13 as part of an exchange program between the two schools. The visit is sponsored by the UMass department of landscape architecture and regional planning and the Isenberg School of Management.

The 15 fourth-year students from Northern Ireland will attend classes and special lectures offered by UMass faculty, local business leaders, and local officials. The focus of the visit will be to familiarize the students with entrepreneurial businesses and their innovative business practices.

UMass faculty presenters include Alan G. Robinson, finance and operations management, co-author of the book "Corporate Creativity"; James Theroux, management, who will offer a seminar on entrepreneurship and society; and Dennis Hanno, associate dean for undergraduate matters at the Isenberg School of Management. The students will attend a city planning class taught by John R. Mullin, landscape architecture and regional planning, and a class taught by Robert Mitchell, Amherst town planner. They are also scheduled to attend a UMass men’s basketball game.

Six graduate students from UMass who were in Ulster last summer to work on the City Centre Waterside Regeneration Project for the city of Derry will present their work. The UMass-University of Ulster exchange program has been in place for the past decade, according to Mullin.