Students Create Pop-Up Art Exhibit to Highlight Importance of Urban Trees

Green Scene installation

In an effort to educate the campus community about the vital role trees play in the health of our ecosystem, students in a department of environmental conservation class have installed a pop-up art exhibit called Green Scene at locations across campus.

The students created interpretive art pieces, each one representative of a way trees help the ecosystem: by intercepting storm water, reducing energy use, improving air quality, sequestering carbon dioxide, and removing particulate matter from the environment. Each piece sits near a tree and is accompanied by an interpretive sign expanding on the benefits that particular tree provides.

The pieces are installed near the Life Science Laboratories, Whitmore Administration Building, Campus Pond, Durfee Conservatory and the Student Union. The students hope the exhibit will inspire a greater appreciation of the value of urban trees.

The students created the exhibit in urban forestry: structure, function and value, a course taught by David Bloniarz. They used i-Tree, a modeling tool from the U.S. Forest Service, to calculate the trees’ benefits.

The exhibit will be up through Dec. 22. More information is online at the Green Scene website.