Stroke Survivors Needed for Research Study

Finger sensor to measure motion

Researchers in the College of Information and Computer Sciences are looking for volunteers who have had a stroke to participate in a study.

To qualify for this study, volunteers must:

  • Be aged 18 years or older
  • Have had stroke at least one year ago
  • Have no other neurological symptoms (e.g. arthritis, Parkinson's) that can affect arm movements
  • Be able to lift weaker arm to approximately shoulder level
  • Have some finger movements (partial extension is okay)

Volunteers will be asked to wear small light-weight sensors on their index fingers, wrists and torso and go about their daily living routine for approximately eight hours for two consecutive days. For the two days, researchers will visit the participants' residence and help take on/off the sensors. While wearing the sensors, participants can go about their normal daily living without the presence of researchers.

The entire study takes approximately 20 hours, which includes the following:

  • A two-hour assessment of the participants' cognitive and motor function
  • Two days, eight hours each, of sensor-based data collection
  • A two-hour exit interview

The study schedule can be adjusted at participants' convenience.

Participants will receive a $140 stipend for participating in this study. If interested, contact Heetae Jung from the Advanced Human Health Analytics Laboratory at 413/835-5135 or