Stoffolano Presents Research on Origins of Cricket in ‘Pinocchio’

John Stoffolano

John Stoffolano, entomologist and professor in the Stockbridge School of Agriculture, was an invited speaker at the Northeast Modern Language Association Conference on April 6 in Harrisburg, Pa., where he presented a paper in a session devoted to the well-known story “Pinocchio.”

His research has made a connection between Charles Dickens, who wrote “The Cricket on the Hearth,” and Carlo Lorenzini Collodi, who 25 years later wrote “The Adventures of Pinocchio.” In his novel Collodi included the famous cricket, better known as Grillo parlante or the talking cricket. Stoffolano presented evidence that Dickens took his idea for using a cricket in his story from previous poets, while Collodi is believed to have used the cricket character and other features in “Pinocchio” from Dickens’ story.