Statement from UMass Amherst Chancellor David Scott Regarding New Advance in Stem Cell Research

AMHERST, Mass. - The following is a statement by University of Massachusetts Chancellor David K. Scott regarding the announcement by Advanced Cell Technology (ACT), a Worcester biotechnology company, that it has developed a method for producing primitive human embryonic stem cells through nuclear transfer techniques (cloning).

The advance may enable the production of an unlimited supply of such stem cells for transplant medicine.

The ACT method for generation of primitive stem cells uses a technology developed by James Robl, UMass professor of veterinary and animal sciences, and has been exclusively licensed to ACT.

Chancellor David K. Scott said:

"This technology is a significant and perhaps revolutionary one, possibly offering therapeutic treatments for diseases ranging from Alzheimer’s Disease to diabetes to heart disease.

"One of the University’s goals as a land-grant university is the pursuit of knowledge that can benefit society. This new achievement in cloning technology is a stellar example of the research mission of a land-grant institution and may make it possible for thousands of people to live healthier, more productive lives."