Statement on Admissions Issues from UMass Amherst Chancellor David Scott

AMHERST, Mass. - University of Massachusetts Chancellor David K. Scott has issued the following statement regarding today''s student rally on admissions issues.

"I understand the students'' concern, and I, too, am concerned about many of the same issues."

"Students have a right to express their concern and disagreement with the administration''s decisions. That is to be expected in a public institution."

Scott also said the administration will not back away from the changes in admissions practices announced in February, nor will there be any moratorium on the changes.

He said it is time to move beyond the focus on a moratorium and for all groups to work together to make the campus stronger and more unified.

He also said he has contacted the leaders of the Student Government Association, asking for a meeting on these issues and inviting them to appoint students to work through the summer serving on an Admissions Task Force and a Retention Task Force.