Shimpach Edits Book on Global Television

Cover of Routledge Companion to Global Television

Shawn Shimpach, associate professor of communication and director of the Massachusetts Multicultural Film Festival, has edited a new collection of scholarly television studies, “The Routledge Companion to Global Television.” The volume is now available in hardback and e-book versions.

Featuring leading and emerging voices on global television from six continents, "The Routledge Companion to Global Television" also includes a chapter co-written by Jonathan Corpus Ong, associate professor of communication, and a chapter written by Asha Nardkarni, associate professor of English and director of American studies.

Shimpach offers a compilation of multidisciplinary analyses on the study of global television with approaches to theories, audiences, content, culture and institutions of television. These case studies serve as examples of how the practices, technologies, systems and texts that compose television constantly change in today's global world.

Shimpach's research interests include the cultural history of film, television and media; the social and institutional constructions of the media audience; genre theory and screen genres; and screen industries. His work focuses on the value and meanings created at the conjuncture of cultural, institutional, and textual practice.