Senior Design Day at UMass Amherst Set for April 29

AMHERST, Mass. - More than 30 senior electrical engineering students at the University of Massachusetts will exhibit their research projects at the Electrical Engineering Senior Design Day on Thurs. April 29, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., in the Gunness Student Center in Marcus Hall at UMass.

Electrical engineering students worked in teams of three on the projects, starting in September. Each team received guidance from a faculty member. A wide array of projects will be displayed and demonstrated, including:

* Handwriting Recognition System - This system identifies handwritten characters. Housed in a stylish, compact casing, the hardware works easily with a personal computer running the customized software.

* High-Frequency Digital Identification Gate Entry Control (DIGEC) System - This system allows up to 255 vehicles automatic entry through eight different gates. Each vehicle would emit a unique digital code that would cause a selected gate to open. The system provides unassisted and secure vehicle entry in areas that require restricted access.

* Wireless Video Monitoring System for Model Trains - This wireless system consists of a miniature black-and-white video camera mounted on a model train along with a video transmitter. The video feed from the camera is transmitted to a video monitor. The train engine and the video electronics are both powered by the train’s power supply.